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Helimix goes between Blue and Cement Gray for its all-new Midnight colorway

Midnight Helimix Shaker Bottle

The instantly recognizable vortex-style shaker Helimix, which is its one and only bottle, has revealed and released another colorway to go alongside the almost 20 other combinations you have to choose from over in its official online store. The health and fitness accessory company has gone for something more on the colder, less vibrant side of life in its latest effort, similar in look and feel to its darker creations like the original Black, Cement Gray, and classic White, with Midnight.

Helimix’s color for the month of April is in the area of blue but not quite midnight blue as you may think by the name, it’s more of a grayish blue, sitting in between the brand’s already available Blue and Cement Gray. The Midnight Helimix shaker puts that titular color on the lid with the cap in the usual black and the bottle in a semi-transparent black. The product has been produced in both of the shaker’s 20oz and 28oz sizes, priced at $24.95 and $23.95, respectively, at

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