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Three new flavors push the menu of Rule One’s premier PreLift to a total of nine

More Flavors Of Rule One Prelift

PreLift is Rule One’s premier pre-workout, and it is packed with all of the right tools to support all of the core pre-workout benefits, from energy and focus through to pumps and performance. Its roster of highlights includes 6g of straight citrulline, 25mg of Senactiv, 200mg of alpha-GPC, 3.2g of beta-alanine, and a combined 330mg of caffeine. The brand and supplement are hitting our headlines this week due to the roll-out of three new flavors, bringing PreLift to a menu total that’s just shy of double digits.

Rule One has increased the selection of flavors for its PreLift pre-workout by precisely 50%, adding three to the six it already had out there in Blue Raspberry, Wild Grape, Snow Cone, Orange Pineapple, Black Cherry Limeade, and Star Pop. Now available over at and discounted for a limited time to $41.24 down from $54.99, are Acai Berry, a traditional Fruit Punch, and Mandarin Mango, all packing ten more than the usual 20 servings at 30, lasting you well over a month when not used daily.