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MST Nutrition gets into clear protein powder in three ice tea-themed flavors

Mst Nutrition Clear Iso Whey

MST Nutrition is the latest sports nutrition brand to adopt the clear protein subcategory, putting another competitor into the saturated space of protein powder with Clear ISO Whey. The supplement features all of the core attributes of the trend’s approach to protein, relying on a clean and solid source exclusively in fruity flavors as opposed to the common milkshake tastes. The product has also debuted with a number of different sizes to choose from, all of them sitting below the 1kg mark.

Clear ISO Whey from MST Nutrition utilizes premium Lacprodan whey isolate to provide its 20g of protein per serving alongside under a gram of carbohydrates, even less of that sugar, and the fat is also below a single gram, all ending on an incredibly lean calorie count of 87. There are three flavors available for the supplement, which actually have an intriguing tea theme to them as well as a touch of a familiar fruity with Blueberry Ice Tea, Peach Ice Tea, and Lemon Ice Tea.

MST Nutrition’s Clear ISO Whey is available in Europe starting this month, and once again, it has a few sizes to choose from, offering different levels of value in a 900g jug, offering a total of 36 servings, then there is one slightly lower at half a kilogram, and finally, a trial-size 300g with 12 servings.