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Muscle Nation gets together with Choclt for a mouthwatering cheesecake protein bar

Muscle Nation Cheesecake Protein Bar

Muscle Nation in Australia is home to many different protein snacks and treats, many of them protein bars, and that includes one of the softest and smoothest protein bars on the market by way of the appropriately named Custard Protein Bar. Rolling out into the many Woolworths supermarket locations in the brand’s home country very shortly is another intriguing functional food, and this one is actually a collaboration, put together in partnership with Nicholas Vavitis and his treat company Choclt.

The latest innovation from Muscle Nation, and again, Nicholas Vavitis, is the Cheesecake Protein Bar, featuring a similar format to the sports nutrition brand’s other offerings, with a distinct difference that you could probably figure out by the name. The Muscle Nation Cheesecake Protein Bar has a crumbly biscuit base layer and a sweet and salty caramel ganache running along the top, then in between those is a caramel cheesecake filling, all wrapped in white chocolate and a sprinkle of biscuit crumbs.

Muscle Nation Cheesecake Protein Bar

Staying true to its name, Muscle Nation’s Cheesecake Protein Bar does have a very cheesecake-style build, not only with that cheesecake filling running down the middle but also the biscuit base, a classic cheesecake feature, and the gooey caramel ganache. As amazing as all of this sounds, the product is still indeed a protein bar, albeit not supremely high, coming in at 12g per piece, which Muscle Nation promotes by percentage on the package, a technique more common in Europe, not so much Australia.

Muscle Nation, Nicholas Vavitis, and Choclt’s Cheesecake Protein Bar is launching in Woolworths supermarkets, as mentioned earlier, and fans will only be able to get it in the one flavor to start; Caramel, of course, with that salty and gooey caramel ganache sitting atop the undoubtedly soft cheesecake filling.

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