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MuscleTech bringing its athletes, supplements and exclusive clothing to Germany for FIBO

Muscletech At Fibo For 2024

MuscleTech has become a beast when it comes to sports nutrition shows these last couple of years, proudly showing its international power but exhibiting at the largest fitness conventions here in the US as well as around the globe. This weekend, the legacy company is bringing the show to Germany, specifically Cologne, Germany, for the giant health festival that is FIBO, which is arguably the largest in the world with its inclusion of gyms, equipment, clothing, technology, and supplement brands.

MuscleTech is hitting the 2024 edition of FIBO with many of its major athletes and ambassadors, including wellness competitor Juliana Mota, influencer giant Ana Cozar, IFBB Pro Lewis Breed, and the star of the roster, the man himself, Blessing Awodibu. The brand is also going to have many of its signature supplements available to sample and purchase; among those will be the newly released Platinum Series 100% EAA, packing 7.4g of EAAs per serving, and it has an exclusive European flavor in Sour Apple.

Another notable feature MuscleTech is going to have at its booth at FIBO for 2024 is apparel, and this isn’t any typical collection. Similar to the newly available Sour Apple Platinum EAA, the clothing at the show is exclusive to Europe; in fact, it’s exclusive to FIBO itself, and it includes a hoodie, hat, and a genuinely classic baseball tee printed with the brand’s logo from many years ago, making it quite a rare and collectible item.

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