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MyoBlox adds Cognizin to its signature nootropic for its highly anticipated return

Myoblox Skywalk 2024 Edition

Next week, the revamped premium brand MyoBlox is returning to market, and it is staying true to its core and hitting the industry with many of its fan-favorite supplements, including the one that really put it on the map in the nootropic Skywalk. When it comes to reliable, uplifting energy, enhanced focus, and noticeably increased cognition, Skywalk has always delivered over the years, regardless of the version, and it all comes in great-tasting, flavored powder to throw down whenever and wherever you need it.

For its 2024 rebirth, MyoBlox has made some changes to the previously most recent iteration of the nootropic Skywalk, although not a lot, keeping enough the same for fans to get a familiar experience. Realistically, there are just three differences between the last Skywalk and the one that’ll be a part of its imminent relaunch. Another key feature is the energy and focus supplement has maintained its complete transparency, something that was actually introduced in the last version a couple of years ago.

Myoblox Skywalk 2024 Label

MyoBlox has carried over tyrosine, the premium gaming ingredient NooLVL, known for its reaction and focus abilities, theanine, and huperzine A, all at their original dosages. Outside of that is where the changes occur, as velvet bean and alpha-GPC have been completely removed from the supplement, but in their place is the premium cognition powerhouse Cognizin at a full 250mg. The brand has also lowered the caffeine in Skywalk, dropping it down from 200mg of PurCaf natural caffeine per serving to 150mg.

Again, MyoBlox has carried over almost everything for the 2024 edition of Skywalk, dropping a couple of components although adding back in a worthy replacement in Cognizin. The loss of alpha-GPC is an important development, too, as it makes the nootropic supplement more internationally friendly since the ingredient recently became non-compliant in the extensive and important UK and European regions.

Skywalk will be a key part of the MyoBlox upcoming return to market, taking place next week through its official online store now at There will be four flavors to choose from upon the brand and supplement’s relaunch, many of which longtime MyoBlox fans will be familiar with in Galactic Glow, Color Money, Gorilla Juice, and Rainbow Haze. Skywalk is going to be alongside other premier products from the brand, including the stimulant pre-workout Loco and the recovery-supporting Aminos 24/7.