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Pick N Mix flavor series just around the corner for three of Naughty Boy’s popular products

Naughty Boy Pick N Mix Flavor Series

The majority of the Naughty Boy’s promised 100 different SKUs for 2024 have been completely new innovations, which is arguably more difficult to hit that goal total compared to, say, adding more flavors to the menu of already available products or additional sizes, which do count as SKUs. Again, most of them have been all-new supplements, with flavors mixed in between, and that is what we have here today for fans and followers, with news of what is essentially an upcoming flavor series spread across three separate products.

Naughty Boy has crafted a seemingly candy-inspired taste cleverly called Pick N Mix, and it has been put together for the brand’s more straightforward pre-workout named Energy, its electrolyte-powered Hydration, and its full-spectrum amino cocktail EAA, packing all nine EAAs. The lifestyle supplement company is rolling out the flavor family in its local UK market shortly, joining the several flavors already on shelves and in stores for each of those products, especially Energy, which will move to a total of ten tastes with Pick N Mix.