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Nutrend makes breakfast a little easier for those who combine oats and protein

Nutrend Protein Oat Breakfast

Nutrend in Europe has made breakfast a more efficient time of day when it comes to eating, especially if you’re already an oatmeal person. The extensive brand that has all sorts of protein powders, protein snacks, and protein-infused foods available has added another entry into that area of the industry with Protein Oat Breakfast. The name kind of gives everything away, as it does indeed combine extra protein and oats or oatmeal for a balanced breakfast solution or really whenever you would want the two foods.

Nutrend’s Protein Oat Breakfast provides a high-carbohydrate nutrition profile, as you’d expect being oatmeal based at 46 to 47g in a 90g serving, with 15 to 16g of that being sugar and 5.9 to 6.3g fiber. Gluten-free oats is the main ingredient in the nutrition supplement; next is whey concentrate and milk isolate to pair that close to 50g of carbs with 22.5g of protein in that comprehensive 90g serving, with the fat staying nice and low between 5 to 6g, and lastly, you have the calories ranging from 337 to 338.

We’ve provided highs and lows for the macros in Protein Oat Breakfast as they do vary across the different flavors of Nutrend’s latest effort, and there are two of them in a rich and decadent Chocolate and something a bit fruitier and sweeter for that morning window in Banana. The product is hitting the market in the brand’s home country of Czechia as well as other European countries it has a presence, in a relatively small 630g bag, which is enough for seven servings at that 90g each or 14 at 45g half servings.