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Nutrition Faktory begins carrying PharmaFreak and gets exclusivity on Stacked Freak

Pharmafreak Now At Nutrition Faktory

PharmaFreak has found itself a new and extremely reputable retailer to carry some of its top-selling sports nutrition products here in the US, and it is none other than Nutrition Faktory. The supplement store, with a strong online presence as well as a dozen physical locations, is now carrying the brand’s signature fat burner Ripped Freak 2.0, testosterone booster Test Freak 2.0, and superfood formula Greens Freak. It has also picked up the special edition pre-workout PharmaFreak put together in collaboration with the team at Stack3d in Stacked Freak.

In honor of the new partnership, PharmaFreak has given Nutrition Faktory exclusivity on the Stacked Freak pre-workout, meaning if you would like to purchase the comprehensive and well-dosed supplement within the US, there is only one place to go. The prices the retailer has put on the products are more than reasonable, including the Stacked Freak pre-workout at $43.83 before any deal or discount, the same as a bottle of Ripped Freak 2.0 while Test Freak goes a bit higher at $51, and Greens Freak and Ripped Freak original come in at $36.52 each.