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Optimum in the UK releases branded versions of Promixx’s shakers including its electric Pro Series

Optimum Nutritin X Promixx Shakers

Optimum Nutrition in the UK has teamed up with the premium shaker bottle brand Promixx, which is anything but ordinary. Promixx’s shaker is unique due to its mixing mechanism; as in place of the usual grill, blender ball, or fixed contraption, there is a mechanical mixer at the bottom that, at the push of a button, blends everything together. The feature speeds up the shaking or blending process, combining everything inside, and it takes away the extra effort required.

Optimum Nutrition’s collaboration with Promixx is precisely what you’d expect, with one of the shaker brand’s mechanical bottles custom-printed with the sports nutrition legend’s logo, colored black on the lid and base, and has a clear cup. Optimum’s shaker utilizes Promixx’s Pro Series model with a leak-proof guarantee, integrated storage for convenient carrying of your powder supplements, odor and stain resistance, and the blending base can be detached for easier charging.

The price of Optimum Nutrition’s Promixx shaker directly through its UK online store is £34.99 (44.22 USD), the same as the Pro Series bottle straight from Promixx’s website. The Gold Standard brand has also done its own versions of the shaker company’s more traditional, manual mixing products in the Pursuit Shaker and premium Insulated Steel Shaker, priced a bit lower at £9.99 (12.63 USD) and £19.99 (25.26 USD), respectively.

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