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Introducing Optimum Nutrition’s latest pre-workout Platinum Igniter

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Igniter

Platinum Igniter is an all-new pre-workout from the sports nutrition legend Optimum Nutrition, now available for purchase over at The Vitamin Shoppe. The supplement is the same price as the previously released Gold Standard Pre-Workout, coming in at $49.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings. The ingredients and dosages in Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Igniter are also relatively similar to that of Gold Standard Pre-Workout, with four main components alongside a blend of electrolytes.

Optimum Nutrition has packed its Platinum Igniter pre-workout with the same 6g of micronized citrulline as Gold Standard Pre-Workout, to improve and enhance muscle pumps. There is however, no creatine monohydrate or NO3-T creatine nitrate in the Platinum series supplement, instead you get 2.5g of betaine anhydrous. Beta-alanine is in the mix as well, to support performance and endurance at 3g a serving, and for a reliable boost in energy, you get a solid 300mg of caffeine anhydrous.

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Igniter Label

All of those ingredients and dosages are in Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Igniter with a blend of electrolytes providing a breakdown of 50mg of potassium, 230mg of sodium, 28mg of magnesium, 30mg of calcium, and 220mg of chloride. As mentioned, there are a lot of similarities between Platinum Igniter and the already available Gold Standard Pre-Workout with the electrolytes, beta-alanine, citrulline, and caffeine; it is the swap of creatine monohydrate and nitrate for betaine that mostly separates the two.

Again, you can get the Platinum Igniter pre-workout directly from The Vitamin Shoppe at Gold Standard Pre-Workout’s price of $49.99 for the same exact tub size of 20 servings. The flavors are bit different on the legacy brand’s latest innovation in Berry Lemonade, Cherry Lime Punch, and Blue Raspberry Freeze. It is worth noting that The Vitamin Shoppe doesn’t appear to have stock of Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Igniter in its online store, but several locations are showing up as having it available for pickup.