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OWYN adds a more premium competitor in protein powder with added EAAs

Owyn Pro Elite Plant Protein

The dairy-free, vegan-friendly protein company OWYN, which stands for Only What You Need, has added another product to its catalog, expanding its selection of premixed protein beverages and traditional powder-format protein supplements. If you’re at all familiar with the brand, you’ll know it’s stronger in drinks than it is powder, with four competitors available versus one, although that has become two this week with the introduction of the more premium Pro Elite Plant Protein.

OWYN’s all-new Pro Elite Plant Protein is separate from its original and similarly named Plant Based Protein due to a few small tweaks and extras. You get 50% more protein in the brand’s newest supplement at 30g versus 20g, and that comes from a blend of pea and pumpkin protein. OWYN has also expanded on the strategy it has in Plant Based Protein with the added BCAAs, by infusing all nine EAAs to Pro Elite Plant Protein, for a more complete amino profile and better recovery.

The complete nutrition profile in the premium protein powder offering from OWYN, again, starts with 30g of protein, followed by 5g of carbohydrates, none of that sugar, 3g of fat, and 180 calories. That makes the Pro Elite Plant Protein a much leaner source of protein, and for a touch of health and wellness, it comes with a variety of added vitamins and minerals, superfoods, and is naturally sweetened with monk fruit in two flavor options, both traditional, in Chocolate and Vanilla.

As you’d expect with the more advanced approach in Pro Elite Plant Protein, OWYN does charge a premium price compared to Plant Based Protein, where you’ll pay $46.99 for a tub of 27 servings, versus $27.99 for 28. Even with the 50% extra protein per serving, there is a substantial gap in value, so you are paying about 15% more per serving for the different protein sources, various vitamins and minerals, added essential amino acids, and the lower sugar of Pro Elite Plant Protein.