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Panda adds two of its premium pre-workouts to its sampling section

Panda Sample Packs Of Pre Workouts

Sample packs are a great way, as per their name, to sample a supplement, whether it’s a protein powder you’re interested in the taste of, a nootropic to take for a spin while studying or gaming, or a pre-workout to throw down for an intense workout. They give you the opportunity to try a single serving, or sometimes a little more, before committing to a full-size bottle or anything from 20 to 30 servings, and they can potentially save you time and money from stumbling into a taste or experience that’s not right for you.

Panda Supplements has come out with a few additions specifically to its sampling section, where previously, it only had Fuel Premium Protein to try. Joining the delicious protein powder this week are two pre-workouts in the high-powered Pandamic and the more recently released Skull, with three flavors of the former and two flavors of the latter. Whether you go for the high-stimulant experience of Pandamic or Skull, you’ll pay $6.99 for a pack of three samples, and it’s all available now over at