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Pandy’s calorie-free Ice Tea returns as its own ongoing product in two flavors

Pandy Ice Tea

Pandy is no stranger to the beverage business; it has had energy drinks in its lineup for some time, offering a healthier approach with a moderate 100mg of caffeine, no sugar or calories, and in a variety of refreshing flavors like Apple Strawberry and Raspberry. The Swedish functional specialist has ventured into another area of drinks this month, although this is more better-for-you than benefit-infused like an energy drink, introducing the zero-calorie Pandy Ice Tea.

Pandy Ice Tea is actually something that’s been available before, although it was introduced as an Ice Tea flavor or spin-off of its energy drink that was released and then eventually discontinued. The product had the same look and feel as the caffeinated beverage, which is not the case this time around. Pandy has given Iced Tea its own distinct look and launched it in two non-carbonted flavors with Peach and Lemon, again, both having no sugar or calories in their sleek 330ml can.

Fans of the brand have apparently been asking for Ice Tea to make a comeback, and this week the demand is being answered. Pandy Ice Tea is officially hitting the market tomorrow through at precisely 5PM local time, followed by availability in its many retail partners soon after.

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