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Pandy collaborates with children’s characters Musse and Helium for a pair of special edition flavors

Pandy X Musse And Helium

Pandy and its better-for-you candy have put together a rather interesting authentic collaboration, where it has teamed up with a partner very different than the usual food, snack, or treat we typically see when it comes to special edition product collaborations. Pandy has got with Musse & Helium, a series of books and activities for kids based around two mice characters, brother and sister, indeed named Musse and Helium, to create versions and flavors of its candy specifically for that fairytale-loving audience.

Pandy has produced two different products in its partnership with Musse and Helium, both of them are the brand’s usual 50g bags of better-for-you candy, and they’re covered in artwork of the children’s characters, making for an eye-catching appearance. The gummy candy pieces inside the bags are shaped like the faces of Musse and Helium. In the more pastel-colored candies, the flavor is Wild Berry, then in Pandy and Musse and Helium’s other version, the taste is the sweet, fruit-filled experience Tutti Frutti.

The macros in the bags of Musse and Helium keep the protein nice and low at 4 to 6g, 11 to 14g of carbohydrates, just a pinch above a single gram is sugar, less than a gram fat, and 140 to 150 calories, all while still providing its signature low-sugar, genuine-candy like experience. It’s certainly a collaboration on the fun side of things and an interesting marketing stunt for the younger generation. The branding quickly and clearly makes that connection, and you can get the products directly at €1.74 (1.86 USD) each.

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