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Liquid glycerol brand Pump Sauce toys with the idea of an energy drink

Pump Sauce sample concept Energy Drink

Pump Sauce is the self-titled brand and product that recently burst onto the scene with a pump-enhancing liquid glycerol supplement that genuinely gets to work incredibly quickly and gives you a fully loaded pump that just couldn’t be achieved without the supplement. The up-and-coming company recently restocked the various flavors of its stimulant-free and stackable product, and with that has come a few cans of an extremely exciting concept it appears to have been working on behind the scenes.

The team at Pump Sauce has branched out into a different format of product, still liquid like its premier Pump Sauce pump pre-workout, but in a more convenient, single-serving, on-the-go situation. The brand has crafted a Pump Sauce Energy Drink featuring a simple blend of caffeine, ginseng, theanine, and vitamin B12. The dosages for each ingredient have not been shared except for the caffeine at 120mg, which altogether is a straightforward formula, and at the same time, the perfect partner to Pump Sauce.

Pump Sauce has not stated that this is something that is actually going into full production and be available for purchase permanently, like the Pump Sauce supplement. At the moment, it appears to be, as mentioned earlier, a concept that the brand is playing around with, although it is a great idea and a fitting direction for Pump Sauce to venture down next after building its reputation around a bulk liquid product.

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