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PVL makes a series of motivating jugs each in a variety of vibrant colors

Pvl Half Gallon Jugs

Custom-branded shaker bottles are as common as they come in the world of sports nutrition supplements. Many brands that make protein powders, pre-workouts, and everything in between also sell shakers alongside all of that. It’s not as common to go even bigger with a series of customized jugs, which is what the team at the legacy powerhouse Pure Vita Labs has gone and done, with its series of Flip-N-Sip bottles, available in a variety of colors, and each one of those has a different motivating quote.

The supplement company, better known as PVL, has four options in total with its Flip-N-Sip jugs, where the Blue one reads “Redefine Your Limits”, Red with “Train With Purpose”, the vibrant Green says “Win From Within”, and lastly, a bright and colorful Purple featuring the phrase “Commit To Conquer”. They are all the same size with a bottle volume of 1.89 liters, which is roughly half a gallon, and you can grab any or the entire collection straight from PVL’s exclusive Canadian online store at a flat $25 (18.30 USD).

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