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Raw Nutrition previews another potentially high-stimulant Essential Pre-Workout

Raw Nutrition Essential Charged Pre Workout

The Essential Pre-Workout is Raw Nutrition’s cost-effective pre-workout, separate from its other competitors in the saturated category, including the CBUM Series Thavage. The goal of this supplement is still to drive a powerful workout supporting energy, focus, pumps, and performance, but with a set of ingredients that doesn’t drive the price too high. Packing over 10g of actives and a price tag of $26.99, the brand does achieve that and also has a weight loss product with the same goals in Essential Fat Burner.

Raw Nutrition has shared a picture of another Essential-named supplement, which immediately indicates to us that we are getting something with the same sort of approach and complexity as Essential Pre-Workout and Essential Fat Burner. The upcoming item is Essential Charged Pre-Workout, the same category as Essential Pre-Workout, leaving us wondering what the difference is. Our first guess is a high-stimulant or more stimulant-focused pre-workout, where you primarily get ingredients for energy and focus.

There are a number of directions Raw Nutrition could go with for Essential Charged Pre-Workout; it could be a replacement for the original Essential Pre-Workout or something even more cost-effective, going even lower than that tub of 30 servings for $26.99. We’ll be sure to share more details as soon as we get our hands on them, but whatever the product turns out to be, we know there are going to be at least three flavors to choose from in Citrus Grapefruit, Sour Watermelon, and the cleverly named Blue Rathberry.

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