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Shaker innovator SmartShake creatively crafts its very own meal prep bags

The smartest shake on the market, the original compartment bottle, SmartShake has entered a new area of the industry, one that many will be familiar with but not with the touch of the Swedish innovator. SmartShake has crafted two of its very own meal prep bags, one is a traditional backpack with room for up to six meal containers. The other offering is a bit more compact and practical with a tote that has space for half as much in three meal containers.

SmartShake has always been known for its attention to detail; this was incredibly evident in its original compartment shaker bottles, which were not only very different at the time they debuted but they were incredibly robust and reliable. That has carried over to the brand’s entry into the world of meal prep bags, with strong craftsmanship in the backpack and tote, but best of all, SmartShake has thought of everything, filling them with features and highlights.

Smartshake Meal Prep Bag

The SmartShake meal prep backpack comes with the aforementioned six-meal container compartment, with slots to slip ice packs around them and keep everything cool, a strap to hold a SmartShaker in the top part of the bag, areas to slide in utensils and other accessories, and a laptop flap. As for the tote bag, again, that is a simplified offering, with the one main compartment to put in up to three meal containers and similar slots for ice packs and eating utensils.

You can purchase either of the SmartShake meal prep bags, officially named the Meal Prep Backpack and Lunch Tote Bag, directly at for $179.99 and $49.99, respectively. Both items are currently only available in black, but it is a sleek-looking black, especially on the backpack, which has a matte finish. Alongside the bags, the brand also sells additional meal containers and ice packs for better organization and more to put in your bag.

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