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Serious Nutrition Solutions makes a capsule product based around the rarely-seen tribulus aquaticus

Sns Prime Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions is home to an incredible selection of premium, advanced, and well-put-together supplements, but if you’re a loyal reader of Stack3d, you will have definitely seen news from the sports nutrition brand that doesn’t relate to complex formulas. That’s because, as big as the advanced side of Serious Nutrition Solutions is, it has an even larger collection standalone items, many of them being non-traditional and centered around high-quality branded ingredients.

Prime XT is one of the latest drops from Serious Nutrition Solutions, and while the name makes it sound like a supplement with an array of ingredients, it does indeed have just the one, but it is an incredibly rare one you won’t find in almost any other product. Prime XT is a tribulus aquaticus capsule formula, packing 2.4g of the muscle growth, libido, strength, and recovery-supporting ingredient that we first remember seeing in USP Labs’ reputable testosterone booster, Prime, from back in the day.

Serious Nutrition Solutions’ Prime XT is a separate and more premium tribulus supplement compared to its already available Tribulus-750, which relies on the traditional tribulus terrestris at a title-related 750mg per capsule. The cost of Prime XT is appropriately a lot more than that of Tribulus-750, carrying a price tag of $49.99 for a bottle of 60 servings or 30 days supply, as Serious Nutrition Solutions directs users to take two servings a day for maximum results.

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