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News and excitement straight from FIBO in the Cologne Exhibition Center in Germany

Stack3d At Fibo 2024

FIBO has always been one of the biggest health and fitness conventions in the world, purely because of the sheer amount of industries it brings together and manages to squeeze into the Cologne Exhibition Center in Cologne, Germany. The show involves brands from the world of gym equipment, gyms themselves, various technologies relating to health and fitness, clothing and apparel, and, of course, the most entertaining area of FIBO, sports nutrition supplements, energy drinks, and protein snacks.

FIBO is taking place from today through to Sunday, the first two days being intended for industry individuals, the B2B side of things, then consumers get to run rampant on the last two days, Saturday and Sunday. We will be on the ground at the event, checking out everything the convention and exhibitors have to offer and sharing all of the action right here at Stack3d and across all social platforms. The 2024 edition of FIBO is expected to be its biggest since the pandemic, with more brands than ever before and consumer tickets at an extreme high, so we’re looking forward to seeing it all back at full strength.

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