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TWP uniquely blends white chocolate, hazelnut and raspberry for a flavor of protein powder

Twp Nutrition White Chocolate Bueno Monkeys Blood

Despite the short lifespan of All The Whey Up, TWP Nutrition in the UK has been incredibly focused on the protein powder category, expanding the menu of that specific supplement far quicker than almost every other product on the market. All The Whey Up started its journey with a strong nine different tastes to choose from and has doubled that to almost 20, adding all sorts of mouthwatering innovations like Maple Hazel Latte, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Custard, and Sticky Bistoffee Cheesecake.

The next extension of TWP Nutrition’s whey blend protein powder, All The Whey Up, is taking things up a notch on creativity once again with something we’ve not seen before, although it is a rather intricate experience, rolling together a few different hints and notes. White Chocolate Bueno Monkeys Blood is on the way, blending white chocolate, Bueno style hazelnut, and raspberry — Monkeys Blood — all into the one flavor of protein powder, and it is said to be hitting shelves in the UK sooner rather than later.