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Warrior shares a list of the top 10 bars in grocery and it has 7 of the spots

Warrior Protein Bar Sales In Grocery

Warrior Crunch is a hugely popular protein bar from the sports nutrition and functional food company Warrior Supplements, and it has been doing incredibly well for quite some time in its local UK market. The product is available in a mountain of delicious flavors, including personal favorites like the decadent Raspberry Dark Chocolate and the dessert-style Salted Caramel. The company has shared an interesting insight this week that shows how popular its protein snacks are against the competition.

You can see the bar graph in the image above, which features the top ten protein bars based on average unit sales per week per store in multiple major grocery outlets. The numbers are from IRI data for the year up until the 23rd of March, and impressively, out of the ten protein bars on the list, seven of them are Warrior’s. Even more interestingly, the snacks from Warrior Supplements topping the list are not its original Warrior Crunch but the protein-packed flapjack Warrior Raw in three of its many flavors.

It’s no wonder Warrior Supplements shared the detailed display, as not only does it show how dominating Warrior Raw and Warrior Crunch protein bars are from the dataset, with the genuinely great-tasting authentic Oreo Grenade Bar sitting quite a way down the list at number six. It’s not often you get to see information like this and get some idea of how well something like the long-running Warrior and its tasty functional foods sell, and certainly may influence your decision next time you see it on shelves.