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Order directly from Ghost before 1PM and get a free can of its Phoenix Suns energy drink

Where To Buy Phoenx Ghost Energy Drink

The many special edition cans of the Ghost Energy Drink are generally limited-time launches and sometimes also exclusive, including the appropriately colored Orange Cream reskin for the NBA team it sponsors in the Phoenix Suns. It was announced that product collaboration was only available for purchase at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, the home, of course, of the Phoenix Suns as well as a few retailers spread throughout the state of Arizona.

Obviously, not all fans and collectors of Ghost and its hugely popular Ghost Energy Drink have easy access or availability to head to a Phoenix Suns game or one of the select stockists the brand has in Arizona to pick up a can of the Suns-reskinned Orange Cream Ghost Energy Drink. If you’ve wanted a can specifically of the Suns Orange Cream Ghost Energy Drink, you’re in luck and will want to check out the deal the brand is running on its website that ends in a few hours.

Starting yesterday and going through until 1PM Eastern Time today, on, every order placed is getting a free can of the Orange Cream Ghost Energy Drink, thrown in absolutely free. There is no minum purchase from what we can see, just place the order through the website, and the brand will add a can of the limited edition beverage, but again, pay attention to the time as this whole promotion.