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Danish house brand Wispy further diversifies its lineup with a superfood supplement

Wispy Nutrition Strong Greens

Danish house brand Wispy Nutrition from the reputable sports nutrition retailer Muscle House has been gradually growing its selection of products piece by piece, including a protein powder and a mouthwatering protein bar. This week, it has gone more in the traditional supplement direction with the introduction of Strong Greens. It is the growing brand’s take on the rather popular superfood space, bringing together a variety of fruits and greens to support general health and wellness.

Muscle House and Wispy Nutrition have not diverted from the core path of a superfood product, as it exclusively features superfood ingredients, nothing else added in for other benefits as we’ve seen in other competitors in the category, infused with the likes of probiotics and digestive enzymes. The company has put a total of nine different components into Strong Greens, with the likes of spinach, apple juice, wheatgrass, barley grass, broccoli, pineapple, chlorella, and moringa powder.

With the launch of each of its completely new supplements, Wispy Nutrition has drastically increased its reach and diversity, and that continues in Strong Greens, as it’s not exactly the item you’d expect after a protein bar, protein powder, creatine, and low-calorie sauce. Either way, that is what the house brand has brought to market to close out the month of April, and to celebrate its debut, you can get 20% off at 199DKK (28.56 USD) for a tub of 30 servings in a Pineapple Smash flavor.