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Legendary BCAA brand Xtend releases a full spectrum EAA packing 9.5g a serving

Xtend Eaa

There are a few brands and products synonymous with categories and ingredients, and one of the more prominent ones is Scivation’s original amino cocktail Xtend and the three all-important essential amino acids, the BCAAs, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Xtend, which is now its own brand and line under Cellucor creator Nutrabolt, is considered one of the key supplements that put BCAAs on the map and pushed it to the popularity it achieved, and beginning this month, there is an all-new EAA version.

Xtend EAA isn’t the first time the long-running BCAA specialist has made an EAA-based product; several years ago, there was Xtend Perfect 10. Xtend EAA is indeed the latest full-spectrum EAA from the brand, built to support muscle recovery and growth with all nine essential amino acids, not just the three BCAAs, plus arginine, similar to the discontinued Perfect 10. Altogether, you get 10g of aminos in every serving of Xtend EAA, with 6g of that being BCAAs, half a gram is arginine, leaving 3.5g for the other six EAAs.

Xtend Eaa Label

Xtend hasn’t spiced things up for Xtend EAA, adding other components to the formula to further its muscle recovery and growth benefits, but there are a couple of key electrolytes to make it even more suited for use during your workout with 150mg of sodium and 120mg of potassium. It is also worth noting that the 10g of combined amino acids we’re referring to is the amount in a double serving of Xtend EAA, so while you get 40 servings a tub, if you want the 10g instead of 5, that count falls to 20 servings.

Xtend EAA is available first through Nutrabolt’s online store selling all of its sports nutrition brands at, and the price is exactly the same as its classic BCAA-based offering, Xtrend Original. The price is $27.99, and while that is the same as Original, keep in mind the serving count as EAA has 40 regular or 20 full servings, and Original has 30. For its official debut, Xtend EAA comes in three flavors, all of them familiar fruity recipes in Mango, Blood Orange, and the traditional citrusy recipe Lemon Lime.

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