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Zombie adds yet another new flavor to the menu of its higher-stimulant pre-workout

Zombie Labs Wicked Watermelon Cross Eyed

Our Newcomer Of The Year award winner, Zombie Labs, has put together several flavor extensions for its various sports nutrition products, many of them going to its star, stimulant-backed pre-workout Cross-Eyed, which has grown to quite a comprehensive menu. This week, the Australian brand is rolling out yet another option with a sweet Wicked Watermelon, joining Cross-Eyed’s many other zombie-style creations like Poisonous Passionfruit, Epidemic Energy, Gory Green Lemonade, and Raging Rainbow Lolly.

Cross-Eyed is the higher stimulant pre-workout of Zombie Labs’ two competitors in the category, the other one being Infected. Cross-Eyed boasts a potent 400mg of caffeine in its maximum two-scoop serving, with several other key components driving the experience, like English walnut, citrulline malate at 6g, tyrosine at a gram, and a hefty 4.2g of beta-alanine. You can get the all-new Wicked Watermelon Cross-Eyed straight from Zombie Labs’ online store and its many retail partners in the coming weeks.