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Zoomad Labs puts all nine EAAs into the glow-in-the-dark sequel of its amino Caretaker

Zoomad Labs Caretaker Glow

The original Caretaker supplement from Spanish brand Zoomad Labs is an amino cocktail, not to be confused with the various health and wellness-focused spin-offs the creative company has produced, like Caretaker Sleeper, Caretaker MAP, and Caretaker Squeeze. There is now Caretaker II or Caretaker Glow, which is a new version of the standard Caretaker, not only featuring a refreshed combination of ingredients but also a glow-in-the-dark bottle like the pre-workout Moonstruck Glow.

The change from Zoomad Labs’ first Caretaker to Caretaker Glow is relatively straightforward and similar to what we’ve seen from several sports nutrition brands over the last half a decade or so. The brand has simply transformed the supplement from a BCAA-based amino cocktail into a more complete and comprehensive EAA competitor. Instead of centering around BCAAs, Caretaker Glow opts for an 8.3g blend of amino acids, 5.8g of which is all nine EAAs, to support muscle recovery and repair.

The other amino acid making up the remainder of Zoomad Labs’ amino blend is glutamine at 2.44g, with two other ingredients rounding out the formula in ginseng and BioPerine black pepper for better uptake of Caretaker Glow’s contents. The price of the brand’s amino cocktail sequel is just a couple of euros more than the original for the same bottle size of 30 servings, and things have been spiced up on the flavor side as it has a whole new set of flavors in Ice Melon, Lime Lemon, Berry Blast, and Mad Mango.