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4+ Nutrition brings together carbohydrates and electrolytes for its all-new Fuel+

4 Plus Fuel

The instantly recognizable neon yellow-colored supplement company 4+ Nutrition, out in Italy, has released an all-new versatile performance and endurance product for you to take by itself or combine with essentially anything else workout-related the brand has in its lineup. The supplement is named Fuel+, and that is as fitting as it gets, as it is essentially an advanced carbohydrate and electrolyte combination for the sole purpose of fueling your body for better performance and endurance.

4+ Nutrition’s Fuel+ provides 17g of carbohydrates in a scaleable 20g scoop and it comes from a precise blend of a 5:4 maltodextrin to fructose ratio. To make it more than just a carb-based supplement and further support performance, there is a blend of hydration-supporting electrolytes, which roll together for a rather robust total. The combined electrolytes come out at 585mg, breaking down into 204mg of sodium as the majority, 178mg of chloride, 149mg of potassium, and magnesium as the lowest at 54mg.

As mentioned, the all-new Fuel+ from 4+ Nutrition is a rather straightforward blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes, a classic pairing when it comes to endurance supplements in sports nutrition, and that is an area of the industry the brand dips into a fair amount. Fuel+ is a versatile product, being both scaleable and stackable with other supplements to add its fueling and hydration benefits, although it isn’t unflavored, coming in a citrusy taste to start with Orange Lemon packing a total of 30 servings a bottle.