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Extensive Nutlove Series bumps up the protein in its latest low-sugar sauce

All Nutrition Nutlove Protein Sauce

All Nutrition in Poland has all sorts of functional products on the market, including its extensive Nutlove Series of a host of different formats centered around nuts and a healthy lifestyle, with high-protein pralines, mouthwatering nut butter, protein-packed blocks of chocolate, and protein bars and cookies. Another item under the brand’s Nutlove banner is Nutlove Sauce featuring a delicious taste, creamy texture, and no added sugar, and now there is an extension to that item with a protein twist.

Joining All Nutrition’s Nutlove Sauce is Nutlove Protein Sauce; a decadent tasty sauce that is low in sugar, like the other Nutlove Sauces, although this one has a touch of protein. The latest innovation from the European functional food creator is made with maltitol, hazelnuts, and whey concentrate to boost the protein. In a reasonable 20g serving of the Nutlove Series, there is 8.4g of carbohydrates, around a gram or so of sugar, a sizeable 8g of fat, and 2.4g of protein, all leading to a calorie count of 108.

The nutrition profile isn’t hugely impressive, but with its low sugar, and moderate fat and protein, it is a nice alternative to traditional, high-sugar dessert sauce. As with anything available from the Polish brand, you can get the new Nutlove Protein Sauce directly from its online store at in the one dessert-style Chocolate Hazelnut flavor for 22.99zł (5.86 USD).