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Apollon packs out its cost-competitive pre-workout with 20g of active ingredients

Apollon Nutrition Desperado

Desperado is Apollon Nutrition’s long-awaited, value-focused pre-workout, although if you know anything about the hardcore, pre-workout specializing supplement company, you’ll know this is not like other competitors at a similar price point. Desperado is launching this coming Friday through alongside a competitive price tag of $44.95 for a tub of 40 regular servings or 20 maximum servings, and with everything that’s in this, it has more competitors over $50 than it does in the 40 to $50 range.

We’ve got the facts panel of Apollon Nutrition’s Desperado directly below for your viewing pleasure, and as mentioned, this may be a more cost-effective pre-workout for the two-time Brand Of The Year, but the variety of ingredients and dosages are loaded. Typically, you get a smaller selection of components and moderate dosages in value-focused supplements, although in Desperado it tops pre-workouts up in the 50 to $60 department, and it is incredibly well-balanced for energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Half ScoopFull Scoop
Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T)1,500mg3,000mg
Betaine Anhydrous1,250mg2,500mg
Himalayan Pink Salt250mg500mg
Caffeine Anhydrous137.5mg275mg
Di-Caffeine Malate50mg100mg

For pumps, Apollon Nutrition has packed Desperado with 8g of pure citrulline, 2.5g of betaine, and a solid 3g of NO3-T arginine nitrate, then for performance there is the ever-present beta-alanine at its full 3.2g as well as the quality electrolyte source, pink Himalayan salt. Driving home the sensory side of things, an area the hardcore supplement company is more than familiar with delivering in, you get 300mg of theobromine, 250mg of citicoline, 2g of tyrosine, and two sources of caffeine, anhydrous and di-caffeine malate, combining for a mainstream level of caffeine compared to Hooligan and Assassin at 350mg.

The idea of Apollon Nutrition doing a pre-workout in the common price range of 40 to $50 was always going to be interesting to see, as it has put together so many powerhouse competitors at the premium levels. We imagine it would maintain its reputation of reliable ingredients and hefty dosages but slightly simplified and that is precisely what Desperado has turned out to be. Again, it is arriving at the end of the week at $44.95 a tub, and it is incredible value considering everything that’s been jammed in there.