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Axe and Sledge powers up its multivitamin competitor with the help of KSM-66

Axe And Sledge Multi Plus

When Axe and Sledge Supplements first got into the world of the daily essential world of multivitamins, it did so rather straightforwardly, with something under its aptly named Basic Series. This sort of product doesn’t always need to be as advanced or complex as the likes of a pre-workout or muscle builder, but coming from a sports nutrition specialist, you may expect something above average. The brand has gone ahead and done that this month, revealing and releasing a much more robust multivitamin.

Axe and Sledge Supplements’ second effort for the multivitamin category is Multi+, fitting due to how much extra it has added to the formula, at least compared to the original Basic Series Multivitamin. The replacement has a much wider array of vitamins and minerals, but the dosages of those that were in the brand’s previous competitor are around the same or more. There is double the folic acid, only 30mg less vitamin C at 270mg, twice the zinc at 15mg, 5% more magnesium, and 25% more vitamin D.

Axe And Sledge Multi Plus Label

The variety of vitamins and minerals Axe and Sledge Supplements has squeezed into Multi+ is more than respectable and fitting for the hard-training individual, but there are several other ingredients in the mix to make it that above-average multivitamin and justify the “+” part of its name. Axe and Sledge has also added Albion boron to its latest product, premium TRAACS vanadium, the superfood blend Spectra at a solid 100mg a serving, 300mg of the extensively studied and multi-benefit KSM-66 Ashwagandha, and lastly, 5mg of BioPerine black pepper, to support uptake and absorption of all the components.

Considering Axe and Sledge Supplements’ first multivitamin was for its Basic Series, it was inherently always going to be a straightforward effort; either way, it has more than stepped up its game in Multi+, formulating a significantly more advanced and comprehensive daily health solution. Surprisingly, despite how much has been added to Multi+ compared to the Basic Series Multivitamin and that it has the same amount of servings, it is only marginally more expensive, available at at $30.99.