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Clean nutrition brand Big Boy puts its cream of rice into convenient single-serving pots

Big Boy Pots Of Cream Of Rice

Czech functional brand Big Boy, which specializes in nutritious nut butter products, has made it that little bit easier to try a small selection of one of its other products or make it easier to take them with you on the go and enjoy them when you’re out. Traditionally, the company has sold its many different flavors of cream of rice in large jars of around 350g, but beginning this week, there is another way to go with single-serving pots of that same very product, packing 50g of the clean cream of rice.

Big Boy hasn’t converted all of its flavors of cream of rice to the compact 50g variety, only a handful, and they’re presumably some of its top-selling tastes. The lineup includes a neutral unflavored variant called Nature, Almond, Dragonfruit, Yogurt, and the classic chocolate hazelnut combination, Bueno. You can get them all directly from the brand’s online store at 49Kč (2.15 USD), so you are sacrificing value for convenience, as the full-size jars with seven times the amount are usually around 200Kč.

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