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Big Joy blends cream of rice and whey for a clean and simple meal replacement

Big Joy Rice And Whey

Bigjoy over in Europe, or more specifically Turkey, has come out with a nutrition-focused supplement that is incredibly common in that part of the world, although it does have a bit of a twist that makes it a bit more complete than what you may be used to. The brand has created a cream of rice product, however, it isn’t just the clean source of carbohydrates. The name of Bigjoy’s innovation is Rice & Whey as it is indeed a blend of cream of rice and whey protein.

The all-new Rice & Whey from Bigjoy is as straightforward as its title makes it out to be, where you get cream of rice, providing a solid amount of carbohydrates and whey for an equally respectable level of protein. The precise macros filling out the supplement’s nutrition profile start with 28g of carbohydrates, the biggest number on the label, and again, all from the cream of rice, then you get 15.8g of protein, partly from the cream of rice but primarily from whey concentrate.

Bigjoy blends those two key ingredients together in Rice & Whey to basically give you a balanced meal replacement or lean gainer; however, you want to see it, where you get almost a 2:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, and that can be scaled. There are 24 servings per tub, leaving plenty of room to double up for 31g of protein and 56g of carbohydrates and Rice & Whey is flavored, allowing for easy consumption by itself, although there is just one taste to choose from in Vanilla.