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Spanish brand Big tries its hand at protein cereal in three dessert-style flavors

Big Wow Cereals

Sports nutrition and functional food company Big, which has become known for its authentic domestic flavor collaborations, has something out this week that doesn’t involve a third party or familiar food for another partnership product; it is just flat-out interesting. The world of high-protein cereal has grown a lot in the US, Canada, and the UK, and it’s found its way to Europe, specifically Spain, this time around, as Big has revealed and released its take on the format in Wow Cereals.

Big’s Wow Cereals is indeed a breakfast cereal packed full of protein, as you’d expect from the long-running supplement company that has more than enough experience in the world of protein and snacks. The product is a classic crispy and crunchy hoop-shaped cereal, and it has plenty of protein in a moderate 50g serving at 17 to 18g, but it is worth noting that protein comes from soy isolate and pea concentrate, not the usual muscle-building sources of whey and milk protein.

Big Wow Cereals

Wow Cereals from Spanish brand Big has a good amount of protein and carbohydrates, at around 18g in that 50g serving, the fat is at a minimum of 4 to 5g, and the calories land under 200, ranging from 161 to 199. As far as flavors go, the brand has crafted a three-piece menu, none of them overly traditional breakfast cereal options; they’re more delicious dessert-style tastes with Crunchy Chocolate, Sweet Caramel, and something for fruit fans, with berry-based Yummy Strawberry.

Big has been making several intriguing and interesting moves over the last few years, most notably its authentic flavor collaborations, as mentioned earlier, and now it’s gone into protein-packed cereal with Wow Cereals. The brand is certainly raising the bar in its local Spanish market despite the fact that it is already very well known for its huge selection of supplements and snacks.