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Newcomer Bizzi blends all sorts of functional ingredients in its debut drinks

Bizzi Coffee Collagen

The energy drink space is welcoming all sorts of brands and competitors at a weekly pace, and to kick off the month of May, we have a completely new entry to share that isn’t from an already established brand like a supplement company or functional food specialist. Bizzi is an upcoming brand and beverage in the UK that recently unveiled its first products, and while it does come in a can and energy is involved, this is not your everyday energy drink.

The soon-to-be-released Bizzi is actually more of a functional drink company, as it has three items it plans on dropping in the near future, and two of them feature what sounds like a slightly different blend of health and wellness-supporting ingredients. The main beverage is Bizzi Coffee + Collagen, combining Ugandan cold brew coffee and a solid 10g of bovine collagen to support all of its usual beauty benefits of healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints.

The other item coming soon from the newcomer is Bizzi Matcha + Collagen, where, once again, you get 10g of bovine collagen for hair, skin, nail, and joint health, plus Japanese ceremonial-grade matcha tea. No matter which way you go, Coffee + Collagen or Matcha + Collagen, Bizzi has infused extra vitamin C and zinc for immune health, and don’t forget the uplifting energy enhancement from the respective caffeine sources, which unfortunately don’t have an amount mentioned.

As mentioned earlier, Bizzi is not your average energy drink, and while you may have to be a fan of coffee and tea to enjoy its beverages, their benefits extend far beyond energy, with the support coming from collagen, vitamin C, and zinc. Both Coffee + Collagen or Matcha + Collagen are expected to be hitting the UK market sometime soon, and while Matcha is coming in one flavor, Coffee will be available in Signature Blend and Vanilla Turmeric.