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All-new Watermelon flavor of Bloom’s signature superfood supplement shows up first at Walmart

Bloom Watermelon Greens Superfood

Powerhouse superfood supplement company Bloom is teasing a new flavor to be officially released tomorrow, although it does look as though this one might have slipped out already at the supermarket giant Walmart. For the last couple of weeks, a refreshing new taste for Bloom’s signature product, Greens & Superfoods, has been showing up on Walmart shelves, and the name of it aligns perfectly with all of the teasers the popular lifestyle brand has been putting out there.

Fans of Bloom will already know that its recent hype clips and images have been themed around watermelon, and it is that specific flavor and product that you can already get your hands on at Walmart but not, with a Watermelon Greens & Superfood. We really can’t imagine this being absolutely anything else, so if you don’t want to wait, head to your local Walmart or even go to its website, where you can grab a bottle of 25 servings at $29.98.

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