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NutraShure’s Brandon Sojka comes on for an interview to talk all about BIOMEnd

Brandon Sojka And Biomend Interview

The ingredient company NutraShure recently released its all-new innovation BIOMEnd, going alongside its many other quality ingredients for all areas of supplements, with the likes of SA3X, BetaPrime, and the popular 3D Pump. BIOMEnd puts NutraShure in the world of gut health as it is a l-lysine butyrate that promises better solubility and improved palatability compared to other butyrate products on the market, all while supporting overall gut health as well as immune health.

We thought now would be the perfect time to get the CEO of NutraShure, Brandon Sojka, on for an interview to talk about his ingredient company as well as its latest innovation, BIOMEnd l-lysine butyrate. Brandon is no stranger to the world of Stack3d and sports nutrition, being the founder of past Brand Of The Year Myokem. He is now deep in the industry of ingredients with BIOMEnd, which does fit into the innovative world of sports nutrition but has applications far beyond that.

NutraShure’s Brandon Sojka talks all about BIOMEnd l-lysine butyrate, what makes it different from other butyrate products, and how it all came to be in our latest interview on the Stack3d Podcast. Most excitingly, the company already has someone with BIOMEnd in the final stages of a supplement that is about to come to market. It’s definitely worth a listen for those who regularly use gut health products and those involved in brands looking for something to help them stand out.

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