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Sixth annual Clash Of The Cans energy drink showdown begins next week

Clash Of The Cans 2024 Announcement

Ever since the rise in popularity of energy drinks from sports nutrition brands as well as other notable names out there, we’ve been running our prestigious Clash Of The Cans contest. This is where we venture to find the most popular product in the energy drink space with our loyal audience and legendary followers by putting it to a vote. We have had some incredibly deserving winners over the years with the likes of C4 Energy, Reign Total Body Fuel, two-time champion RAZE Energy, and last year’s RYSE Fuel.

The date has been set for the 2024 Clash Of The Cans, and once again, it is proudly presented by the effective caffeine-free stimulant Dynamine, which can be found in many carbonated energy drinks for a more advanced blend of energy and focus. We’ll be kicking off the sixth and latest iteration of Clash Of The Cans in less than one week at the beginning of next month, Monday the 3rd of June, and it’ll run for a full four weeks, with the last two energy drinks standing, facing off in the grand final starting June 24th.

We’ll be running Clash Of The Cans with all of the same rules and methods as years prior, at least for the first three rounds. The contest is going to open with an all-out battle, where every energy drink featured here at Stack3d is on the list to be voted on. From there the top 16 will progress to fight it out in groups of four, then the winner of each of those groups will move on to the semifinal of two groups of two.

Clash Of The Cans for 2024 will end with the traditional style of our energy drink showdown, where we pit the remaining two products against one another. Every round will run for one week, although the days of the grand final will be more important. In that final round this year, there are going to be seven points up for grabs, one for each day in the round. If “Energy Drink A” gets the most votes on Monday, it gets one point; if “Energy Drink B” gets the most votes on Tuesday, it gets a point, and so on until one gets four. It’s our version of the NBA finals, and it does make it a bit harder tougher for the finalist, as it should be.

Once again, the 2024 Clash Of The Cans, powered by Dynamine, is kicking off in less than a week on the 3rd of June, Monday of next week, and it is going to be a big one with quick and easy voting at The energy drink category has witnessed an immense amount of new entries over the last year or so, and we look forward to seeing who comes out on top and takes home our custom Clash Of The Cans 16oz can replica trophy, completely cast in bronze and weighing a huge 5lbs.

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