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Glutathione and Circulatory Complete start Conteh’s health and wellness-focused line

Conteh Sports Health And Wellness Line

Conteh Sports in the UK has gone the specialty route a few other names in the sports nutrition industry have with a series of health and wellness supplements similar to the likes of Core Nutritionals, Dragon Pharma, and Apollon Nutrition’s powerhouse white-branded line. Conteh has started the collection with two products, both of them built to support a specific area of health in the capsule formulas, Glutathione Complete and Circulatory Complete.

Glutathione Complete is, of course, based around glutathione with a few other ingredients in an effort to support cell health and inflammation. Conteh Sports hasn’t put just any ordinary form of glutathione in one of its first two supplements in the series; it utilizes premium Sertra glutathione at a hefty 400mg a serving. Alongside that is a full gram dose of alpha lipoic acid, the selenium source selenomethionine, and lastly, a gram of n-acetyl-l-cysteine.

As for Conteh Sports Circulatory Complete, the focus is purely on cardiovascular and circulatory health, as per the title, and like Glutathione Complete, it has an array of ingredients to get the job done. The formula brings together a gram each of curcumin and citrus bergamot, 150mg of coQ10, 50mg of lycopene, 750mg of beetroot, and 15mg of the patented Magnafolate, promoted as the purest form of methylfolate with superior stability.

Both Glutathione Complete and Circulatory Complete are priced at £44.99 (56.93 USD) for bottles of 30 servings, and you can get them directly through We look forward to seeing how the brand expands from here as it is marketing its new products very separately than its others in a mostly white design. Conteh is also known for quality formulations, so it certainly has the ability to the series into other areas outside of the gym.