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Jay Cutler shares a look at his awesomely alternatively-branded Monster Cookie protein powder

Cutler Nutrition Rebrand For Special Edition Protein

Jay Cutler’s brand, Cutler Nutrition is about to drop a special edition product that has a very visually different approach. The upcoming item is a temporary flavor for the sports nutrition brand’s signature protein powder Total ISO, backed entirely by premium whey isolate for a lean and fast-digesting source of protein. The flavor certainly sounds delicious with Monster Cookie, featuring an all-out chocolate chip cookie taste, and with a name like that, we have to imagine there will be cookie pieces in there, too.

Where things take an extremely interesting and intriguing turn is wrapped around the outside of Cutler Nutrition’s limited edition Monster Cookie Total ISO protein powder is an alternative label design to match the excitement of the flavor. It is an eye-catching design and one of the most personally character-driven we’ve seen in a while, where you get an illustration of Jay Cutler himself, hulked out and in his prime, rampaging towards the face of the bottle, all making for a look and feel you won’t miss on shelves.

By the sounds of things, Jay Cutler and Cutler Nutrition’s temporary Monster Cookie Total ISO protein powder is due to hit shelves shortly, and there is mention of more changes coming to the look of the brand but not as extensive as this one. The alternative design of Monster Cookie seems to be exclusive to itself, while an upgrade is being worked on for all of the ongoing items available from Cutler Nutrition.