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CoreBiome becomes the first fermented and bioavailable postbiotic butyrate made in the US

Domestically Produced Corebiome

The premium ingredient company Compound Solutions has a host of standout products to choose from, many of which you will be familiar with as a Stack3d reader. One of its recent innovations is CoreBiome, a bioavailable and fermented postbiotic butyrate that has found its way into many gut health, superfood, and even weight loss supplements. The ingredient plays a crucial role in gut function by promoting the production of short-chain fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining the integrity of the gut lining and overall digestive health.

Compound Solutions has strengthened the supply chain of its innovative CoreBiome postbiotic butyrate, now officially the first fermented and bioavailable postbiotic butyrate manufactured in the USA. The move ensures a consistent and reliable supply of the gut health ingredient, making the production process much more streamlined and efficient. Health, wellness, and sports supplement companies can now order CoreBiome straight from the source with that reliability in mind of Compound Solutions having complete control from end to end.