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Hydorade puts German giant ESN into the sports drink space with a blend of vitamins and electrolytes

Esn Hydorade

The craze of sports drinks, or electrolyte-powered beverages built to support hydration and performance, has come to Germany, or more specifically, the dominating German supplement company ESN. The brand has revealed and released a product called Hydorade, sort of like a blend of hydration and the iconic competitor Gatorade. ESN has taken the usual approach in its take on the space, bringing together the typical ingredients found in sports drinks but staying true to itself and adding a clean sports nutrition twist.

ESN’s Hydorade combines a variety of B vitamins, including the likes of vitamin B12, niacin, and pantothenic acid, and an equally wide variety of electrolytes. The mineral breakdown is 147mg of calcium in a 500ml bottle, 318mg of potassium, 69mg of magnesium, and 800mg of sodium. All of those electrolytes come together for a relatively substantial 1.33g, more than enough to support and improve hydration as well as performance and recovery, in a drink that doesn’t have any sugar or carbohydrates and 15 calories.

ESN has kept the focus on hydration in Hydorade, not adding anything else to its blend of B vitamins and electrolytes like carbohydrates for fuel, amino acids for additional recovery, or premium ingredients for further performance; it is simply an electrolyte-fueled sports drink. The product has debuted in three flavors, each common and classic with Lemon, Cherry, and a blue-colored Berry, and while they were on sale through at €1.18 (1.29 USD) each, the brand has already managed to completely sell through stock.