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EVL joins the clear protein subcategory in a classic Pink Lemonade flavor to start

Evl Clear Whey

EVL has been moving significantly faster more recently in the area of product innovations, rolling out several new supplements much more often than we’re used to seeing from the long-running company. Month after month, that pace has not slowed, and here we’ve got another innovation from EVL, giving the already incredibly diverse brand another entry in the protein powder category, separate from any of its others, and getting in on the growing clear subcategory.

The newest protein powder from EVL is simply named Clear Whey, as it is indeed a whey-powered clear-style protein powder, providing an incredibly lean source of protein exclusively in light and refreshing flavors. The supplement company gives you 20g of protein in a 25g serving, all of it from highly-quality and fast-absorbing whey isolate, the carbohydrates, sugar, and fat are all non-existent at zero, and the calories are as lean as you can get for 20g of protein with 80.

EVL Clear Whey is available for purchase first through its official, direct-to-consumer online store at for $32.99 for a tub of 19 servings. There is just one flavor to start for the clear protein powder in Pink Lemonade, a classic option and a good first outing for the supplement. Once again, this is separate from any of EVL’s other protein powders, which are your more traditional approaches in the likes of Stacked Protein, 100% Whey Protein, and Protein Gainer.