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Low-calorie cake creator FitBakes makes a loaf of bread that has just 1.8g of carbs a slice

Fitbakes Keto Bread

The UK and Europe play home to some of the most innovative and creative functional food companies in the world, and the list truly never ends. There are always newcomers to discover and better-for-you creations to experience, and one of those longer-running standouts in the UK would be FitBakes, known for its almost impossibly soft low-calorie cakes. The company has introduced many other items since its original cube cakes, the latest of which is a functional twist on a food almost everyone is familiar with.

FitBakes has released Keto Bread, a loaf of bread that keeps within the guidelines of a keto-friendly lifestyle having moderate protein and fat but, most importantly, low carbohydrates, a feature far from synonymous with bread. The brand’s newly baked product, per slice, provides 6.7g of protein thanks to its use of wheat protein, a low 2.6g of fat, and carbohydrates that miraculously come in lower than both of those numbers at 1.8g, almost none of that is sugar at 160mg, and an impressive calorie count of 62.

Keto Bread from FitBakes definitely looks great on paper, although if we’ve learned anything from functional foods that sound too good to be true, it certainly needs to be sampled firsthand. We’ve had many of the high-protein or keto-friendly breads out there, and while some are great, some are absolutely horrid and taste like off milk and cardboard. If you’d like to give FitBakes’ Keto bread a try, it is available direct for a reasonable £5.99 (7.62 USD) for a reasonably sized loaf of about 16 slices of bread.

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