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Vegan-friendly collagen VeCollal finds its way into a standalone supplement at Foodspring

Foodspring Vegan Collagen

German powerhouse Foodspring has released an all-new protein or technically amino-based supplement in Vegan Collagen, and while it is very much what it’s called, there is a bit more to it. The product is intended to be a plant-based, vegan-friendly collagen, promoting the ingredient’s usual benefits, including skin health and joint support. It utilizes VeCollal as its main component, which is not your traditional bovine-sourced hydrolyzed collagen peptides.

As mentioned, Foodspring’s Vegan Collagen centers around VeCollal, but this isn’t a bonded, wholefood source of collagen or even protein like whey concentrate or micellar casein. VeCollal is actually a combination of amino acids in a balanced profile identical to that of human collagen types. It is those aminos that are plant-based and give the supplement its vegan-friendly status, so it’s almost like blending the aminos that makeup whey in their specific ratio; however, as free-form aminos, and having that instead of whey and its blend of bonded aminos.

Foodspring’s VeCollal-backed Vegan Collagen is available for purchase directly through its online store, and not too surprisingly, considering the premium and intricate approach it’s taken in its formula, the cost is much higher than that of your everyday collagen. The supplement carries a regular direct price of €29.99 (32.35 USD), but that is currently discounted to €26.96 (32.35 USD), in a lone Lemon flavor, and a small tub size of 136g, providing 20, 6.9g servings of VeCollal.