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Pink Edition Red Bull rolling out in the UK is only available without sugar and at Tesco

Forest Fruits Pink Edition Red Bull

Currently rolling out in the UK is an all-new flavor for one of the most dominant and long-running players in the energy drink space with Red Bull. The extension is not a seasonal release like the Winter and Summer Editions; it is more like the color-coded efforts Sea Blue Edition, which is an ongoing Juneberry flavor and one of our all-time favorite energy drinks, Amber Edition, a blend of strawberry and apricot. Joining that selection in the UK market is a colorful and unmissable Pink Edition with some early exclusivity involved.

The flavor of the Pink Edition Red Bull energy drink is forest fruits promising a title-relevant forest fruits family taste experience, including the likes of raspberry, and for a bit of a twist, it has a herbal hint of verbena. What’s even more interesting is that the Pink Edition in the UK is only available in the Sugarfree Red Bull, no regular option, working out to just five calories a can. As mentioned, there is some exclusivity on this one, as to start, the place you can find the forest fruit recipe of Pink Edition is the major supermarket Tesco, although that’s until July, when at that point, the product will expand into other locations across the country.

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