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Ghost is launching an advanced intra-workout for its birthday elevated with KSM-66 and Cognizin

Ghost Intra

Ghost’s birthday falls right on the first day of June, which is about one week away, and to add to the staggering year it is already having as well as the build-up towards what will be its eighth birthday, it has unveiled a completely new supplement. Ghost Intra is a complex and comprehensive intra-workout solution, taking a lot of what makes its full-spectrum amino cocktail Ghost Amino and expanding on it to create a product that offers even more benefits for the crucial supplement intake window.

Ghost Intra is very much Ghost Amino taken up a notch, for complete intra-workout support. It has the same total dose of amino acids at a combined 10g of all nine EAAs per serving, although the balance is a bit different in that you get more BCAAs but slightly less of the other six EAAs. The award-winning brand has included a hydration side too for Ghost Intra, similar to Ghost Amino, with a gram of taurine, and for electrolytes, Aquamin marine-sourced minerals, potassium citrate, premium Albion magnesium bisglycinate chelate, and Himalayan pink salt.

Ghost Intra Label

Where Ghost Intra truly steps up its game is that alongside all of those recovery-supporting amino acids, and various hydration and performance components, is a full dose of the multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha for focus, recovery, performance, and all the other benefits of its impressive 24 gold standard clinical studies. There is also a full 250mg dose of Cognizin citicoline to dive deeper into supporting focus and cognition, and adding an effect you rarely see in aminos, hydration, and even advanced intra-workouts.

As mentioned, Ghost Intra is a solid intra-workout solution, taking care of the usual areas you want to be covered in an intra-workout with the aminos and hydration. That’s capped off with KSM-66 Ashwagandha and Cognizin citicoline bringing their reputation and focus and performance benefits to the table, plus AstraGin is in there at a full 50mg dose to ensure optimum absorption, uptake, and efficacy.

Ghost is launching Ghost Intra right in line with its eighth birthday celebration, on the first day of June, which is Saturday of next week. That is a monumental occasion well worth celebrating, especially with everything the original lifestyle supplement company has done, achieved, and changed in the world of sports nutrition, supplements, and energy drinks. The debut of Ghost Intra is icing on the cake and is further proof the brand is digging in and putting attention on its original sports nutrition side.