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Ghost creates a clear protein powder for its four-product collab with Sydney Cummings

Ghost X Sydney Cummings Summertime Punch Clear Whey

Ghost has announced another one of its athlete or ambassador collaborations, which it has done several of across the years, the first one being a team-up with Christian Guzman, and there have been many since then with the likes of Maxx Chewning, Ally Besse, and FaZe Clan. For its latest effort, it has got together with fitness influencer Sydney Cummings, but this isn’t just for a single special edition flavor; it’s for an entire series of four products, including an all-new innovation.

Ghost and Sydney Cummings have connected and produced a cocktail-like flavor called Summertime Punch for the brand’s signature pre-workout Legend, the premium beauty supplement Ghost Glow, and the always great-tasting superfood formula Ghost Greens. The fourth product in the Sydney Cumming’s collaboration is a Summertime Punch Ghost Clear Whey, and that is a supplement fans will immediately know has never been available before in any flavor, let alone Summertime Punch.

Ghost Clear Whey is indeed going to be the original lifestyle supplement company’s take on the supremely popular subcategory of clear protein powder, packing one of the cleanest nutrition profiles we’ve ever seen from the brand. Ghost Clear Whey will give you 25g of protein per serving, all of that coming from high-quality whey isolate, not a blend like the regular Ghost Whey, and there is practically no other macros as the calories are as lean as they get at 100.

This isn’t the first time Ghost has done a special edition supplement or protein powder for a collaboration or occasion, but it’s always fun and exciting to see it step outside of its ordinary categories and into something completely new and different. The entire collection of Summertime Punch Ghost Clear Whey, Ghost Legend, Ghost Greens, and Ghost Glow is expected to hit the market through the brand’s online store at all at once and right on Mother’s Day.