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Gorilla Mind lands on a four-figure calorie count in its first-ever mass gainer

Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer

Gorilla Mind may have exploded its selection of sports nutrition products this past year on its way to winning our prestigious Brand Of The Year, but it still has plenty of other categories it can grow and expand into, including mass gainer. The supplement company does have a protein powder available in Premium Protein, an advanced collagen, and the Gorilla Bar, which is the extent of its offerings based around the macronutrient, but beginning next week, it will have another protein supplement.

Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer is arriving in a couple of days through the Gorilla Mind online store, and it is going to be stacked with all of the necessary nutrients and more to fuel muscle growth, strength, performance, and recovery. The brand has actually put a touch above the usual amount of protein in a high-calorie gainer with 70g, up from the much more common 50g, and that sits alongside an even heftier carbohydrate count at 175g, a relatively low level of fat, and a four-figure total of 1,040 calories.

Gorilla Mind does tend to do things differently occasionally, although in Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer, it has stayed traditional, giving you a substantial amount of calories from a lot of protein and significantly more carbohydrates, as is the case with most mass protein powders. The supplement is still a great addition to the brand’s catalog as it gives fans something that previously had to go elsewhere to get, and knowing how great Gorilla Mind’s Premium Protein tastes, we imagine Mass Gainer is just as good.